I-CAT, Three Dimensional High Definition Imaging:

I-CatWe are proud of our commitment to preventative dental care, that is why we use advanced high definition, three-dimensional imaging technology to provide quality of care from diagnosis to treatment. This state-of-the-art technology is fast, accurate and most importantly it is safe. Short scan times reduce the level of radiation exposure significantly less than traditional CT scans. Using I-CAT technology, our practitioners can detect and evaluate problems before they become serious, while also enhancing procedures regarding oral and orthognathic surgery, implantology, TMJ analysis, spinal studies, airway assessment, periodontal and orthodontic and impaction.

In our approach to excellence in both preventative dental and general heath, we understand the importance of TMJ analysis and airway assessment. Dysfunction in either can create greater problems later in life. That is why we use three dimensional imaging to examine early warning signs and enhance preventative treatment.

I-CAT features

Xray 1
  • High Resolution Scan - produces images at 0.2 mm voxel size
  • Fast Scan Time (10 seconds) - minimizes radiation and reduces chances of patient movement during scan - quicker and easier image acquisition
  • Adjustable Beam Collimation - allows full height and targeted field of view scans, providing the ability to further minimize patient radiation
  • Comfort Design - positions patient in an open environment in a seated position - allows patient comfort and capture of natural orientation of anatomy
  • Fast Reconstruction Time - provides the most complete views of all oral and maxillofacial structure in real-time - produces three-dimensional images in typically under 1 minute

Xray 2If you would like to discuss I-CAT scanning and whether it is right for you, please feel free to contact us for more information.


Laser Dentistry:

toothOur clinic is committed to quality, comfort and comprehensive treatment for patients; that is why we offer laser dentistry. Our KaVo Key 3 laser equipment provides fast, precise and pain free treatment options for patients. Laser dentistry provides our patients with a safe alternative to the use of needles and drills which means less pain and trouble. Key 3 laser dentistry is state-of-the-art in design and comfort and is a quantum leap in dental science.

Our laser therapy is ideal for delicate procedures, periodontal disease, removal of decay, plaque, tartar and killing cavity causing bacteria. Our laser treatment covers both hard tissue and soft tissue, providing a wholistic approach to our preventative dental care.

We are currently one of only a few dental clinics in Canberra to offer laser dentistry and we are the only dental clinic in Canberra to offer comprehensive preventative treatment using in office three dimensional imaging, Key 3 laser treatment, JVA analysis, high powered microscope technology and SOMA treatment.


Features of Key 3 laser treatment:

Low-pain treatment:

Kavo Key Laser 3 The pulse duration of the KaVo Key Laser 3 is so short that the reaction threshold of the nerves is not reached. There is generally no need for anesthetics. No vibrations. No shrill drilling noise.

Germ-destroying effect:

KaVo Key Laser 3 kills all germs. Owing to the high energy absorption in water of this laser’s wavelength, the moisture content of the germ cells is evaporated. The cell membrane bursts and the cells die. This reduces the risk of infection due to sterilising effects.

Faster wound healing:

Operations with KaVo KEY Laser 3 are automatic, contact-less and necrosis-free. So the result is less bleeding and faster wound healing without postoperative symptoms.

Greater safety:

safety The unique feedback system permits controlled and complete concrement removal without the risk of thermal side effects. Selective concrement removal utilises feedback control, leaving the root attachment structures undamaged.

If you would like to lean more about laser dentistry and find out whether it is right for you, please feel free to contact us for more information.


High Precision Dental Microscope Technology:

microscope 1At Wholistic Dentistry, we strive for excellence in dental service, providing the most sophisticated technology to improve patient care and education, that is why we use high precision dental microscope technology to aid our work. Dentistry requires a high level of precision and from diagnosis to treatment. The Seiler Revelation Dental Microscope technology allows our practitioners to discern fine detail and perform highly accurate dental treatment.

Features of the Seiler Revelation dental surgical microscope:

  • Improves detection and evaluation of coronal and root fractures and abnormalities.
  • Improves inspection and diagnosis of abnormal soft tissue lesion of the gingiva, palate and mucosa.
  • Allows the surgeon to minimise the size of the surgical site, thus reducing patient discomfort and healing time.
  • Improves visualisation of implant sites with minimal space between teeth and helps in evaluating the exact fit of implant prosthetic components and the health of marginal tissues around implants.
  • Improved restorative work
  • Aids precision of laser dentistry

microscope 2This state-of-the-art technology allows our clinic to offer an unparalleled level of preventative dental treatment case to our patients.

We are currently only one of a few dental clinics in Canberra to use Seiler’s High precision dental microscopes.