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Case report, Malocclusion - Sample B:
Date: 29 May 2003

Patient History

The following case study shows the changes in dental and facial architecture using the SOMA treatment. The patient presented with a severe malocclusion, chronic sinusitis and mouth-breathing behavior.

SOMA treatment

After SOMA treatment the patient’s malocclusion improved significantly. The patient chronic sinusitis and mouth-breathing pattern also resolved. This treatment did not involve the extraction of premolars nor rapid maxillary expansion. Not only did the patient show improvements in dental and facial architecture but physical performance too. The patient’s upper body strength improved, which was noted by his baseball pitching from 76 mph to 96 mph. Physical performance improvements have also been noted in other cases.

29 May 2003
04 August 2008

BEFORE - 29 May 2003
before A
before B

ONGOING - 02 September 2004
ongoing A
ongoing B

AFTER - 04 August 2008
after A
after B

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