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Case report, Chronic Fatigue - Sample A:
Date: 04 June 2007

Patient History

Patient presented with severe glandular fever, episodic back spasms, tiredness, cognitive difficulties and depression. Patient was diagnosed by a gastroenterologist having hemochromatosis, under took fortnightly venesections. One year later, the patient was then referred to an infectious disease specialist and a gastroenterologist, being diagnosed with post viral chronic fatigue with acalculous cholecystitis and Gilberts syndrome. The patient was working on a Phd, but withdrew due to increasing cognitive problems and worsening fatigue.

Prior to commencing treatment, the patient described experiencing brain fog, difficulties concentrating and muddled words like referring to a fridge as a washing machine, saying good night instead of good bye etc. The patient describes experiencing depression, ‘Bad depression, although at times I was in more of a state of emotional numbness where I was neither happy nor sad’. The patient constantly felt tired muscles from morning to night requiring one of hour of sleep early in the afternoon, every day. The Patient describes each day was a struggle.

SOMA treatment

The morning after the upper standard SOMA appliance was fitted; the patient’s muscle tiredness resolved and he did not require an afternoon sleep. The patient’s emotional state had significantly improved and felt more relaxed. The patient’s ability to cope with stressful events has increased. The patient described how the SOMA helped him overcome most of his adverse conditions. 2 years prior to treatment, the patient was taking S-Adenosyl-Methionine (SAMe), after two months of SOMA treatment the patient was able to stop taking SAMe. The patient notes this as a major achievement in his progress. Assistance of supplements and avoidance of stressful conditions has also benefited the patient. Possible amalgam removal will further improve the patients condition.

04 June 2007 (Before)
14 January 2008 (After)

04 June 2007 (Before)
before A
before B

14 January 2008 (After)
after A
after B

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